Today I conclude with the second post in my two-part series on how to write back cover sales copy that motivates people to buy your book. Writing strong marketing copy for authors who self publish can be a challenge because it may not be their area of expertise. Plus, it’s never easy to “brag” about your own work under any circumstances.

My last post included my first three techniques for creating killer back cover copy. After briefly listing them here, I’ll wrap things up by giving you my final four secrets for crafting back cover copy that motivates people to take action.

As you read them, keep in mind they can also be applied to other promotional materials for your book, such as web site pages, sales sheets and Amazon book descriptions.

1.   Start with a headline that makes or implies a promise

2.   Make your copy “at-a-glance” friendly

3.   Chose exactly the right voice

4.   Create a powerful rhythm

Think of the movie trailers you’ve seen for the films you love. They move at a steady rhythm and pace because their creators know they only have one minute to convince you to go watch a two hour movie.

The same can be said for a back book cover. You’ve got one page to motivate people to read your entire book. After you’ve written your back cover copy, it should have a beat and pulse to it that you can snap your fingers to as you read it.

5.   Focus on what your book is about – not on what happens

It’s certainly acceptable to write about what happens in your book. However, focus your back cover much more on how readers will benefit from your book. What curiosity will you satisfy? What challenge will you help readers overcome? What itch are you going to scratch?

What thirst will you quench for your audience? What inner desire or need are you going to meet? Describe the human satisfaction and value readers will gain from reading your book. Take your writing to this level and your ability to motivate readers to buy increases dramatically.

6.   Stir up human emotions

The only marketing messages that really move us are ones that grip us on an emotional level. Always describe the benefits readers will derive from your book in emotional human-value terms.

Think of it this way: you don’t use anti-aging skin creams so you can get rid of wrinkles. You use anti-aging skin creams to get rid of wrinkles so you’ll feel more youthful and vibrant. You don’t read a murder mystery to find out who did it. You read a murder mystery to stimulate your imagination and create a sense of intrigue and excitement within yourself.

No matter what your book is about, your crowd will read it to fuel specific emotions within them. Identify what those emotions are and use your back cover copy to stir them up.

7.   Leave them wanting more

This technique requires a little practice, but always conclude your back cover in a manner that leaves your readers begging for more. Wet their beak. Tease them up. Give them the sizzle, but not the steak. However you want to phrase it, conclude your back cover so readers have no choice but to flip through your table of contents as they’re reaching for their wallet.