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Master Persuasive Sales Writing Skills

I will guide and inspire you to greater marketing success!

Creating engaging marketing copy that motivates prospects to buy can be challenging for small business owners who have to create their own marketing materials.

Why? Because sales writing may not be your area of expertise and hiring a copywriter may not be in your budget.

Fortunately, I have a solution that saves you money and provides you with everything you need to know to write compelling sales copy for all your products and services.

My solution is one-on-one coaching sessions in which I provide you with expert insight and inside secrets I’ve learned in my award-winning copywriting career—so you can strategize and write powerful marketing materials for your business.

I’ll review your business and then in one-hour phone sessions I’ll teach you proven copywriting techniques that will help you develop persuasive marketing messages for a wide range of marketing materials that:

  • Create a memorable brand image
  • Engage and intrigue your prospects
  • Generate leads
  • Motivate people to buy from you
  • Power your bottom line
  • Propel your personal success

When I refer to “sales writing,” I don’t mean yesterday’s “hype and fluff” techniques that everybody is tired of. Because the fact is nobody wants to be “sold” to anymore.

Instead, I’ll teach you strategies that are necessary in today’s world where prospects EXPECT to interact with you in an honest, straightforward two-way dialogue.

No Package Plans – I’m Just Here When You Need Me

I experience tremendous joy when I can help small business owners and young writers reach their goals and achieve success. That’s why I have no interest in forcing you into high-priced, multi-week packages.

Instead, I’m simply here as you need me.

My rate is $175 per one-hour coaching call. At the end of each call I’ll give you clear-cut action steps to take to implement what you’ve learned into your business.

However, before you spend a dime we can start with a FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION to get a feel for how well we’d work together.

The best thing is I NEVER HOLD ANYTHING BACK. You’ll always receive all the tips, strategies, secrets and insights I can give you in a one-hour phone session.

Plus, I Throw In FREE Stuff

During my award-winning career I have written:

  • Hundreds of articles about copywriting
  • Multiple special reports on sales writing techniques
  • Three books (and counting) on copywriting strategies

All of my articles and books are loaded with an abundance of tips and secrets that can be of tremendous benefit to your marketing campaigns.

As part of your coaching program, I will always provide you with select articles and books that will help you develop highly-polished, attention-getting marketing materials.

If you are a small business owner or a new writer and you want to develop superior sales writing skills that give you a definite edge in your market, why not tap into my award-winning expertise today? 

To learn more about my copywriting Coaching sessions Contact me today or pick up the phone and call me to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation at 303.697.4793.

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