It’s always an advantage to have a benefit-driven tag line that clients automatically link to your product or service because it acts as a simple, strong selling statement for your brand.

When developing tag lines, the power is in simplicity. Here’s a highly-effective tag line writing formula that is very easy to follow:

  •  Use short, simple words
  • Keep it brief
  • State a benefit

You can apply this tag line writing formula to medical products and healthcare services with great affect. Consider these two examples from my copywriting career.

The first is for a product called Axis, which is a human dermis product used in pelvic floor reconstruction surgeries. The benefit of this product is that it has fibers running in many directions, which makes it a stronger tissue.


Strength In Every Direction.

The next tag line is for a product from BioCare, Inc., called LumiWave. LumiWave is an infrared device that reduces aches and pains by rejuvenating damaged tissue cells.


Pain Relief. The Light Way.

Repetition does build reputation. When creating product tag lines, keep the message simple so it’s easy to remember, state a benefit, and then use it over and over again so people can’t forget it no matter how hard they try.

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