Ok, so you’ve written a killer sales letter or landing page and now you’re looking for a copywriting technique that will really help you close the deal.

To persuade your prospects to buy you’ve added a strong call to action that includes a limited-time special offer. Great.

To sweeten things, maybe you’ve included a really cool electronic bonus gift that prospects can download after ordering your product or service. Nice touch.

A money-back guarantee that takes the risk off of your prospects and puts it on you is also an essential sales writing technique—but maybe you’ve already thought of that.

However, a persuasive writing secret that often gets overlooked in sales writing is including a basic, but powerful value demonstration.

Your goal with a value demonstration is simple: You want to clearly explain to prospects how your product literally pays for itself and/or offers over-the-top value at an extremely reasonable price.

Here are two value demonstration examples. One is for a physical product (a DVD program), and one is for an online membership program.


Our DVD, “How to Generate Twice as Many Business Leads in Half the Time” is loaded with hundreds of essential lead-generating secrets. At only $24.95, you’re probably paying less than a dime for every tip that could fuel the growth of your business for years to come.

Online membership program

Each month I’ll supply you with an amazing set of tools, videos, webinars and best practices from the most successful thought leaders around the globe.

To gather, organize and sift through all of this information on your own would take an incredible amount of time, and cost you $20,000, $30,000 or more.

Instead, I want to put it all at your fingertips each month for a mere fraction of that cost! So why not start your Advanced Thought Leader membership today for only $97 a month.

It is always a great idea to include value demonstrations in all your marketing materials when you’re trying to convince prospects that you are sincere about providing them with value that far exceeds their investment.

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