In the medical industry, respected physicians making strong statements in favor of your product or service will do more to influence the opinion of their peers than statements made by your company. For this simple reason, collecting testimonials from industry experts should always be an ongoing part of your medical marketing program.

Several years ago I wrote the marketing materials for an intraocular lens called, MemoryLens®. At a panel discussion about the product, I was able to interview Professor, Dr. Thomas Neuhann of Germany, who is highly regarded as an international cataract and refractive surgery pioneer.

During our discussion I collected some raw thoughts from him that captured his feelings about MemoryLens®. After giving his raw words some polish, he agreed to sign off on the following testimonial:

MemoryLens is my lens of choice. I have implanted over 1,000 of them and the quickest way to say how I feel about MemoryLens is to say it is the lens I would have put in my own eye.

—Prof. Dr. Thomas Neuhann

This quote, among others, from one of the most respected cataract surgeons in the world was pure gold for our marketing campaign.

In my next post, I’ll share with you a simple process by which you an acquire great physician testimonials. It’s easier than you think.

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